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  1. Bold What Applies To You

    I have watched an episode of American Horror Story.
    I still watch Spongebob Squarepants.
    I hate horror films.
    I love horror films.
    I prefer comedy over horror.
    I prefer horror over comedy.
    I have watched an episode of a TV show in the last 24 hours.
    It’s currently night.
    It’s currently morning.
    I’m supposed to be sleeping. 
    I’m procrastinating right now.
    I’d rather read than watch a movie.
    I am excited for something coming up.
    I think I will smoke when I’m older. 
    I have tattoos.
    I have no tattoos.
    I have tattoos but I regret them.
    I have no tattoos but I want some.
    I have a friend who smokes.
    I smoke.
    I’m straight. 
    I’m gay. 
    I’m bisexual.
    I don’t know/care
    I have an eating disorder.
    I have self harmed.
    I have been diagnosed with depression.
    I hate when people self-diagnose themselves with depression.
    I have been sad for ages but I have never been diagnosed with depression.
    I’m wearing my pajamas right now.
    I’m wearing something white.
    I’m wearing something blue.
    I’m wearing something black.
    I’m wearing something red.
    I’ve been shopping in the last 24 hours.
    I have filmed a video in the last 24 hours.
    I have a YouTube account and I upload videos.
    I have a YouTube account but I don’t upload videos.
    I am listening to music right now.
    I have vomited from crying so much before.
    I have been given a gift in the last 24 hours.
    I have given someone a gift in the last 24 hours.
    My birthday is in December.
    My birthday is in April.
    My birthday is in June.
    I have an iPhone.
    I have had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend.
    I have never had a relationship.
    I’m single.
    I’m happy right now.
    I’m sad right now.
    I’ve been in a fight in the last week.
    I’ve been to the cinemas in the last week.
    I am a Christian.
    I attend church.
    I have a bible.
    I’m an atheist.
    I don’t have a belief in anything, I just go with whatever.
    I’ve seen an animated movie in the last week.
    I’ve seen a horror movie in the last week.
    I’ve met someone famous.
    I’ve met a singer.
    I’ve met an actress.
    I’ve met an actor.
    I’ve met a YouTuber.
    I’ve met a band.
    I’ve met an author.
    I’ve met a script writer.
    I’ve met a cast of a tv show.
    I’ve been on a tv show.
    I’ve been on tv.
    I love British accents.
    I love Irish accents.
    I hate Irish accents.
    I hate British accents.
    I live in America.
    I live in Australia.
    I don’t like the school I am attending right now.
    I don’t like my country. 
    I love the school I am attending right now.
    I have one all-time favourite song.
    I’ve been to several concerts.
    I’ve been to no concerts.
    I really want something right now.
    I have no money.
    I have more than $20 currently.
    I have a job.
    I want a job.
    I don’t have a job.
    I have a favourite actor.
    I have several favourite actors.
    I have one favourite movie.
    I play Xbox.
    I play Playstation.
    I play on the PC.
    I play video games.
    I hate chocolate.
    I have allergies.
    I love cats.
    I have let someone use me.
    I have let someone hurt me.
    I say ‘LOL’ out loud.
    I am wearing a dress right now.
    I have disappointed myself in the last 24 hours.
    I have cried in the last 5 hours.
    I have cried myself to sleep in the last week.
    I have had coffee recently.
    I am wearing makeup right now.
    I don’t wear makeup.
    I prefer boots to converse.
    There’s rubbish around me right now.
    I am currently on my phone.
    I am currently on my laptop.
    There’s more than 2 tabs open on my laptop right now.
    A YouTube video has made me cry before.
    I cry a lot.
    I hate crying.
    I still watch Disney.
    I love Friends, the TV show.
    I have a Facebook.
    I have an Instagram account.
    I have ask.fm.
    I don’t go on Omegle and I don’t see the big deal of it.
    I like Mario and Luigi.
    I don’t mind Ke$ha.
    I wear a lot of makeup.
    I am older than 20.
    I am younger than 18.
    I have a driving license.
    I have school tomorrow.
    It’s currently Summer.
    It’s currently Winter.
    I hate Winter.
    I hate Summer.
    I love surveys.
    I’ve been single for more than 4 years currently.
    I’ve been in a relationship lasting for longer than 1 year.
    I’m married.
    I laugh a lot.
    I’m serious when I want to be.
    I love quotes.

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  2. zeklos:



    When you quote a fictional character around a friend or family member and they don’t notice



    when you quote a fictional character around a stranger or new friend and they notice



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  3. xenopheles:

    Reblog if you support Maggie Smith becoming immortal.

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  4. guy:

    i’m actually pretty cool just give me like 5 tries to get it right

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  5. pir8crabs:

Well. I.


    Well. I.


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    • family:
      why won't you come with us?
    • me:
      there must always be a stark at winterfell
  6. multicolors:


    I don’t get it when people say I wanna go to Europe I mean as a European you gotta be more specific because there’s a major difference between Denmark and Greece so which part of fucking Europe do you wanna go to

    So many times yes

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  7. spaghettipeej:


    i think i accidentally ate some of my grandma’s ashes that were on her bed


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  8. est-offensa-et-mirari:



    why is peter pan always flying?

    he neverlands

    I love this joke because it never grows old

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